Hello! My name is Heather Hunter. I was born and raised in Volusia County, Florida, and have resided in that area for most of my life. After I graduated high school, I went on to attend Flagler College in the Saint Johns County area. From this experience, I saw the issues that have presented themselves in the district I am running in. I was also able to meet the incredible community that lives in this district.


Throughout college, I was a Florida College Democrat, fighting for issues that pertain not only to college students but to Floridians as a whole. This led me to an amazing group of people who I am grateful to have connected with. Once I joined the College Democrats, it really opened my eyes to the political experiences I can gain from this organization. It made me realize how much I want to help others and politics can be a great mechanism in that process. In my first year as a College Democrat, I became the North Regional Director, which allowed me to really get to know Democrats within my region. Following this, I became more and more involved, even working with my local DEC  to hold community intergenerational panels that invited conversations about gun control, activism, and education. I also canvassed and volunteered for various local, state, and national campaigns. Upon becoming President of the Florida College Democrats, I got to meet an even larger group of Democrats across the state. This gave me incredible leadership experience and people skills that I will continue to use for the rest of my life. 


These communities that I worked with and all communities deserve better representation than what they’re currently getting and I hope to be the voice for them. As my slogan says, I am committed to the communities that helped me become the woman I am today. I want to keep the promise because you are the ones electing public officials. It is their job to listen to you and I want to do just that.


I am running against incumbent Travis Hutson in hopes of unseating him and creating positive change within the district. The issues I am focusing on surround the current pandemic we are facing. Unemployment and health care have severely been impacted due to the poor actions by our government and I want to work hard to right those who have been wronged. This, as well as the environment and climate change, are issues that Florida as a whole needs to focus more on if we intend to keep this beautiful land we call home. We should be prepared for our future and I plan to make that happen if I am elected.

Heather Hunter


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