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Ever since the 1970s corporate money has slowly been taking over our political system. Nowadays this corporate takeover of our government is nearly complete. Governments now are beholden to giant unaccountable corporations that do not have the best interests of regular people in mind. Corporations push their politicians they hired to gut regulations so corporations can save money by polluting the water and air we breathe and also pay their workers below a living wage so the state has to subsidize their workers with food stamps, Medicaid, and other social services. Our corporations are currently making record profits. The US’ GDP is the highest its ever been and we are the richest country in the history of the world. Shouldn’t the people be able to benefit from this wealth? My campaign thinks so. We must put the people back in power in Tallahassee. The first step to doing so is refusing to take corporate money in any form. I vow to not take corporate money and run a campaign purely on small-dollar donations. Here is my campaign’s plan to end corporate money in politics and end the corporate takeover of our government.

  • 100% refuse to take corporate PAC money, lobbyist money, and special interest money

    • This is the only way to gain the people’s trust that I am not bought by powerful monied interests. I know it places our campaign at a financial disadvantage from my opponent Travis Hutson but with the people on our side I know, we can still win. Hutson has taken over $200,000 (I have accepted $0) from the worst of the worst corporations including but not limited to the sugar industry, private prisons, pharmaceutical companies, private health insurance, oil&gas companies, real estate developers, big agribusiness, lobbyists, police unions, telecom companies, big tobacco, utility companies, Walmart, Disney, the Koch Brothers, and many more unsavory corporations.

  • Ban campaign contributions from lobbyists to state campaigns

    • No one under the payroll of a corporation to specifically influence politics to benefit that corporation should be allowed to donate to campaigns across the state. Lobbyists should still be allowed to testify on capitol hill, but they should use their facts not their wallets to do so. All lobbyists should be registered with the state of Florida and all their lobbying actions recorded.

  • Reveal dark money and hidden wealthy donors 

    • The people of Florida deserve to know who has bought and paid for their politicians and corporations shouldn’t be able to hide their bribes behind the law. This is not a suitable replacement for fully banning corporation money in politics.

  • Join other states in calling for a national constitutional convention to ban money in politics 

    • There are only two ways to propose amendments to the U.S. Constitution either getting ⅔ of Congress can propose an amendment or ⅔ of the states can apply for a convention to propose an amendment. Florida must join other states in calling for an end to money in politics at both the state and national levels.

  • Propose an amendment to the Florida constitution to ban corporate money in politics 

    • We must lead as an example to other states in the nation and our national government and end corporate money in politics. This is the only way to ensure that the government is beholden to whom it is supposed to be, the people.

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