Our Agenda

Our agenda is simple: I want to put my constituents at the forefront of every decision I make. After all, constituents are the ones electing politicians into office. It's their job to be a public servant and support you in any way they can. I wholeheartedly believe that the plans I’ve laid forth will improve the way we live our everyday lives. Not only will they stimulate the economy, but, more importantly, they will help those within our community.


  • Require FDEO to report the number of Floridians that it has failed to reach

  • Ensuring all benefits are retroactively paid dating back to the start of the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Double weekly benefit cap to $550

  • Double benefit longevity back to 26 weeks

  • Allow self-employed workers to receive benefits


  • Expand Medicaid 

  • Over 800,000 people would gain health insurance

  • $901.2 million in savings over five years ($161.9 million per year

  • Build towards a Medicare for All type system

  • No deductibles, no copays, and free at the point of service


  • Institute statewide stay at home order until Covid-19 pandemic is over

  • Require masks to be worn out in public at all times

  • All non-essential businesses closed

  • Increase the available number of ventilators, hospital beds, and PPE for medical personal on the front lines 

  • Cancel rent, utilities, mortgage payments, foreclosures, and evictions


  • Reverse past agenda of prioritizing corporate profits over people 

  • Raise the minimum wage to $15/hr 

  • Boost affordable housing trust fund 

  • Institute rent control programs 

  • End corporate tax breaks and subsidies 

  • Invest in green mass public transit 

  • Legalize Marijuana 

  • Invest in a Florida Green New Deal 

  • Support labor and workplace democracy 

  • End right to work 

  • Create a public investment and commercial bank of Florida 


  • Prepare Florida’s coastal communities and environment from sea level rise 

  • Ensure just transition for fossil fuel workers 

  • Develop a plan toward 100% clean renewable energy by 2030

  • Ensure access to clean air and water

  • Stricter regulations and penalties on corporate polluters 

  • Invest in solar and wind power 

  • Protect Florida’s natural beauty

  • Require and drastically improve statewide recycling program 

  • Boost funding for Florida Department of Environmental Protection

Civil Rights

  • Prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity or expression in employment, housing, and public accommodations.

  • Protect abortion rights 

  • Restore Planned Parenthood funding 

  • Pass the Equal Rights Amendment 

  • Close the pay gap in Florida 

  • Overturn DeSantis’ rule against criticizing Israel

  • Protect Indigenous sovereignty 

  • Ratify our own Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Criminal Justice Reform

  • End mandatory minimums 

  • Ban private prisons 

  • Holding police officers accountable

  • Transition towards community based response to crime 

  • End Cash Bail

  • Abolish the death penalty

  • End solitary confinement 

Gun Control

  • Ban assault rifles and high capacity magazines

  • Refuse to take donations from the gun lobby

  • Institute red flag law 

  • Universal background checks 

  • Fund research into gun violence prevention 


  • Allow undocumented immigrants to get drivers licenses

  • Repeal SB 128 and stop forcing all local law enforcement to blindly carry out unlawful and unreliable “detainer” requests issued by federal immigration agents. 

Campaign Finance

  • 100% refuse to take corporate PAC money, lobbyist money, and special interest money 

  • Ban campaign contributions from lobbyists to state campaigns

  • Reveal dark money and hidden wealthy donors 

  • Join other states in calling for a national constitutional convention to ban corporate money in politics 

  • Propose an amendment to the Florida constitution to ban corporate money in politics 


Election Reform

  • Establish tuition-free public colleges and universities by expanding Bright Futures

  • Create a publicly owned statewide broadband internet system 

  • Invest $1 billion into public education 

  • End voucher programs saving $130 million/yr 

  • End all lunch debt 

  • Ensure kids are adequately supplied for distance learning

  • Postpone in-person schooling until COVID-19 crisis is over 

  • Minimum teacher salary of $50,000 ensure other staff receive living wage  

  • Semi-Open primaries 

  • Automatic voter registration at 18

  • Automatic vote by mail during Covid-19 crisis

  • Election day as a state holiday 

  • Eliminate and punish voter suppression 

  • Switch to hand-counted paper ballots

  • Install election monitors at each polling location 

  • Implement mandatory hand recount for every race

  • Ranked-choice voting 

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